Room XII in the Picasso Museum of Malaga

The Malaga of Picasso: the city where the genius was born commemorates his death


If you are passionate about the works of Pablo Picasso, a must-visit destination for 2023 is the always appealing city of Malaga. The birth city of this world-renowned revolutionary artist has prepared exhibitions and all kinds of experiences and activities so that you can discover more about the artist's figure on the 50th anniversary of his death. It had to be this way. Malaga celebrates its most universal "son".

Main exhibitions

Picasso Year in Malaga features major exhibitions in the two cultural centres most closely associated with the artist. The Picasso Museum Malaga exhibits “Picasso: Body and Matter” and "The Echo of Picasso". The Picasso House-Museum is hosting "Pablo's ages" and "The Image of Picasso".These are not the only participants in this initiative, since you can also attend activities like exhibitions, conferences and concerts in different cultural centres, e.g. the Jorge Rando Museum, the San Telmo Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Interactive Museum of Music of Malaga.

Exterior of the Picasso Museum in Malaga

All kinds of experiences

How would you like to go to a restaurant and find a menu inspired by Picasso? Or sign up for a photography contest about the places in the painter's childhood? These are just some of the parallel activities to be held in Malaga in 2023. For example, Malaga will be the first destination in the world to create an immersive virtual space inspired by Picasso or a whole metaverse where any human being on the planet can attend conferences, contests and concerts on Picasso from any device. A clear commitment to technology to get even closer to Picasso.

Tourists visiting the Picasso Foundation in Malaga

The iconic Picasso Route

For many years now, Malaga has been offering the possibility of touring the city with stops at places linked to the artist's life, who was born there in 1881. Take this tour and discover the family and artistic environment of Picasso's early years, which will help you better understand who he was and how he evolved. You will find out, for instance, that Picasso's father was a drawing assistant at the School of Fine Arts in Malaga and a curator at the Municipal Museum, which was key to the painter's future.

Statue of Picasso in Malaga

What are the locations? Naturally, the house where Picasso was born (currently a museum), the Church of Santiago where he was baptised, his former school of San Rafael, the Plaza de la Merced where he played, the La Malagueta bullring that so inspired his first drawings and oil paintings, the Picasso Museum with more than 230 works of art and located in the Buenavista Palace… Here you will find more detailed information about this interesting route. The anniversary will also be celebrated with activities for families, as well as a complete free audio guide and new signs to indicate the places that were part of the painter's life both in his childhood years and in his visits to Malaga as a teenager.

Façade of the Picasso Foundation in Malaga

If you have always been fascinated by Picasso's universe, do not hesitate to come to Malaga, to find a large number of paintings, sketches, drawings and ceramics by the artist. On your visit, you will surely come to better understand the personality of the creator who revolutionised the 20th-century artistic scene. And his work, which features themes like bullfighting, pigeons and the Mediterranean that clearly originate in his childhood memories. "Look, there, to the south, is Malaga", Picasso repeated from France with affection for his land. The hometown he never forgot.

Views of the city of Malaga
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