Sádaba Castle

Cinco Villas, a shared history


North of the city of Zaragoza, history and nature await you in the centuries-old Cinco Villas. Its spectacular countryside and cobblestoned villages offer you the chance to explore a fascinating region.

A history full of ebbs and flows Located on the border that used to mark the old kingdoms of Aragon and Navarre, the architecture in Cinco Villas has retained many of its original features, as you will see in Ejea de los Caballeros, Sádaba, Uncastillo, Sos del Rey Católico and Tauste. You'll find stately homes, Romanesque churches, castles, towers, and even Roman ruins! A real history lesson, waiting for you only an hour or so from Zaragoza.When in Sos, you must visit the Sada Palace, the birthplace of the Catholic King Ferdinand II of Aragon. And don't miss Uncastillo, where you can explore the ruins of the Jewish quarter and the synagogue, demonstrating the understanding between the two cultures. Roman ruins such as the ones at Los Bañales, where you will find remains of the aqueduct and the hot springs, are worth a stop on your tour around the region.

Map of Cinco Villas

Landscapes to discover and enjoy However, its not just history that will attract you to Cinco Villas. Located between Navarre and Huesca, the area also has significant natural charms. One of these is the Moncayuelo lagoon, in Ejea de los Caballeros, where you can explore an important local bird sanctuary. Or the whimsical formations at Aguarales de Valpalmas, a tubular formation forged in clay by the water, also at Ejea.If you're looking for action, Cinco Villas also has a unique opportunity for you: the Prepyr 365 routes, which are shared with the Hoya de Huesca and Somontano-Barbastro regions. Various sports are available on them, such as trekking and XC biking, with routes through the flora and fauna. Whether you're a nature love, geology fan or history aficionado, Cinco Villas has lots to offer you.

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