María Moreno, Flamenco Biennial

Flamenco Biennial

Festival - Music,Flamenco

The Flamenco Biennial has been held every two years since 1980, and the "Septiembre es flamenco" (September is flamenco) festival has taken place in odd numbered years since 2015.

The event combines a flamenco competition with a range of performances, both song and dance, of this typical Spanish art. The selection of artists and organisation of the event is undertaken by a consortium comprising an artistic committee, made up of five key figures from the flamenco world, and an advisory committee, made up of ten experts who provide recommendations on shows and parallel events such as courses, conferences, talks and seminars. The Biennial programme goes on for practically one month, while "Septiembre es flamenco" lasts two weeks.

Flamenco Biennial

Sevilla, Seville  (Andalusia)

* To be confirmed