Festival of the Courtyards in Cordoba

Festivals in Spain in May


In Spain we usually say that May’s the month for flowers - and for good reason. Some of the most popular festivals in May are associated with plants and floral decorations. One example is the famous Festival of the Courtyards in Córdoba, when you can visit the patios of private homes which their owners have been specially decorated in honour of the event. Córdoba is also filled with the scent and colour of flowers for the celebration of the Cruces de Mayo (‘Crosses of May’), and the Rejas y Balcones competition, when the locals decorate their windows and balconies with flowers. In a similar way, the city of Girona is transformed into a colourful garden during the Girona Temps de Flors festival. The festive calendar for May also features other important events such as the Pilgrimage of El Rocío, or the Caballos del Vino (‘Wine Horses’) during the Santísima Vera Cruz celebrations.Here you can see some of the festivals that usually take place in Spain in May: