Christmas in Madrid

Festivals in Spain in December


December is Christmastime in Spain. Right from the beginning of the month the streets and squares are full of decorations, lights, carols, and Christmas markets, everything you need to get you in the mood for the different Christmas celebrations. In Mallorca, Christmas Eve is the day of the The Song of the Sibyl, a musical performance staged in every church on the island. In Spain, 28 December is another important date, it’s the Día de los Santos Inocentes, (a sort of Spanish version of April Fool’s day), and it’s when practical jokes are traditionally allowed, and when many places hold different events. On New Year’s Eve, the custom is to eat grapes - one for each of the chimes as the clock strikes midnight. And it’s also the month of the Carnavalcázar in the town of Alcázar de San Juan, the only carnival in Spain that’s celebrated in December.Here you can see some of the festivals that usually take place in Spain in December: