Camp Nou stadium, FC Barcelona

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12Which clubs do you think have played in all editions of La Liga?
Santiago Bernabeu stadium during a match. Madrid

Correct! You’ve got off to a good start!The true veterans of the championship are FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic de Bilbao. They are the only teams that have always played in the first division since the tournament began in 1928.

12In Spain, clubs only get to keep the La Liga trophy if they complete one of the following two cycles: 3 consecutive championships, or 5 victories over any rival. Do you know which club has the most trophies in its possession and how many?
Detail of trophies of one of the clubs participating in La Liga.

That’s right! The two giants of Spanish football can boast the same number of trophies: 5. Did you know you can see Real Madrid’s trophies during the Tour of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium? For its part, in the FC Barcelona Museum you can see the 5 trophies that this club owns.

12What Spanish clubs did the legendary Maradona play for?
Graffiti of Diego Armando Maradona

Fantastic, that’s right!He joined FC Barcelona in 1982 and Seville in 1992.

12Who scored that goal that led Spain to victory in the World Cup?
Andrés Iniesta
Fernando Torres
David Villa

Goal!.... You’re right!Spain defeated the Netherlands with an extra time goal scored by Iniesta at the World Cup final in 2010 winning Spain their first World Cup. However, Fernando Torres scored in the final of the Eurocup 2008 against Germany and David Villa is Spain's all-time top goalscorer with 59 goals in 97 matches.

12In Spain, there’s more to football than just La Liga. Do you know by which name the Spanish Copa del Rey tournament is popularly known?
Winner's cup and football with crown

Well done!The nickname the K.O. Tournament is due to the fact that there are often some big surprises in the early stages of the competition, with lower ranked teams frequently knocking out teams from the first division. Up until a few years ago, these stages consisted of just one home game at the weaker team's club and the surprises were more frequent.

12Spanish teams and their fans usually have nicknames. However, do you know which of the following is not the nickname of any team?
Fans cheering on their team

That’s right! That was easy, the paella is a delicious dish and you really should try it, for example in the Valencian Region. However, it’s not the nickname of any team.The “periquitos” support Espanyol and “leones” is the nickname of the Athletic de Bilbao fans. Other widely used nicknames include “culés”, for FC Barcelona fans; “merengues” or “vikingos”, for fans of Real Madrid; “indios” or "colchoneros" are the fans of Atlético de Madrid; “boquerones”, Málaga supporters; “armeros”, supporters of Eibar and “chés” for Valencia supporters.

12“Pichichi” is the name given to the player who scores the most goals during the La Liga season. Do you know which player has scored the most goals in the history of La Liga since 1928?
Players celebrating a goal

Correct! The Argentinian star has broken all records in Spain.Messi has scored over 400 goals in La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo is the second highest goalscorer ever with more than 300 goals. For his part, Zarra is the player who has won the “Pichichi” trophy the most times - five - and has scored 251 goals. Raúl left the Spanish Liga having scored 228 goals. Maradona only played for three seasons in Spain and scored 27 goals. Who is Pichichi? He was Rafael Moreno Aranzadi, an idol from Athletic de Bilbao over a century ago, but here scored much fewer goals.

12Do you know the stadiums of Spain? Which one do you think has the greatest capacity?
Stands and pitch of the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona
Aerial view of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid
Aerial view of the Vicente Calderón stadium. Madrid

That's the right answer!Camp Nou has capacity for approximately 100,000 people. Santiago Bernabéu can hold around 80,000. San Mamés has room for approximately 55,000 spectators.

12Which two clubs from the same Spanish city have competed against each other in the final of the Champions League?
Escudos de Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid
Escudos de FC Barcelona and Real Club Deportivo Español
Escudos de Real Betis and Sevilla

Well done!And not just the once. The final of the Champions League 2013-14 featured two clubs from the same city for the first time, Real Madrid and Atlético. Two seasons later they repeated the showdown and in both cases Real Madrid were the winners.

12How many different clubs have won a First Division league championship?
Spain's La Liga trophy

That’s right! That's the right answer!Despite La Liga starting in 1929 only Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Athletic Club, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Deportivo de La Coruña, Sevilla and Real Betis have claimed victory at the championship.

12How many clubs compete in the Spanish First Division?

That's the right answer!20 is the right answer! Even though only 10 clubs participated in La Liga for the first few years, the number progressively increased to reach the current 20 clubs, with the exception of the 1995-96 and 96-97 seasons when there were 22 clubs.

12Who has won the record number of points in one single League?
Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans

That’s right! That's the right answer!Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have won the record number of 100 points in one single League. The “Blancos” achieved it in the 2011-12 season and the “Blaugranas” achieved the same score the following season.

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