Hiker contemplating the environment around the Nature Trail through La Hoya de Huesca, Aragon

Active sports in La Hoya de Huesca


Have you ever been to La Hoya de Huesca? This inland region in northern Spain lies right between the pre-Pyrenean mountains and the Ebro valley. In other words, you'll find a spectacular variety of different landscapes. But this area is not only perfect for looking, but for enjoying to the full. And that's because the natural surroundings make the ideal place for hiking, mountain biking, rafting, canyoning, climbing… Welcome.

  • Images of mountain biking and hiking in La Hoya de Huesca, Aragon © Comarca Hoya de Huesca – Jon Izeta

    Hiking and mountain biking

    You can do this on a series of routes… La Hoya de Huesca has many to choose from as there's a network of signposted trails crossing the plain and the mountain. These include long- and short-distance cycling routes, nature trails, themed footpaths and more. On your way you'll be able to enjoy the scenery in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Nature Reserve and El Reino de Los Mallos, examples of Romanesque architecture, river courses that have carved out deep canyons, and much more.The Hoya de Huesca nature route is 132 kilometres long, and offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Aragonese pre-Pyrenean mountains and their picturesque villages. Many of these trails are also adapted for mountain biking, and it's a great experience to pedal through these steep and rocky landscapes.

  • People rafting on the Gállego river in La Hoya de Huesca, Aragon

    Rafting on the river Gállego

    The white waters of the Gállego river are ideal for rafting, and you'll find this place is recommended by many enthusiasts of this sport. Trips on the Gállego river start out from the villages of Murillo de Gállego and Santa Eulalia de Gállego (two municipalities in La Hoya de Huesca in the province of Zaragoza), and its most turbulent rapids are known as "The Washing Machine". Did you know the river also has several waves and a final step?

  • More adventure sports: canyoning and rock climbing

    Who said fear? If you want to go canyoning, we recommend some of the most spectacular sections of rivers and gorges around the area of Guara and El Reino de Los Mallos. The best places for climbing can be found in Los Mallos de Riglos, Agüero, Vadiello and in a variety of via ferratas like Peña Ruaba, Riglos and Canal del Palomo. The area of Mallos de Riglos particularly attracts numerous climbers from all over the globe who come to climb vertical rock faces standing 300 metres high. Its southern orientation also guarantees you can go climbing all year round. If you're still not done, you'll be pleased to know there are even more activities available: tree-top trails, bridge jumping, paintballing, horseback riding and water activities (both in the Gállego river and in the Sotonera reservoir). Many of these are perfect for enjoying with the whole family. More information: https://turismo.hoyadehuesca.es/