Papas arrugadas with mojo canario

Some vegetarian dishes from Spanish cuisine that you will want to eat again and again


Eating and travelling are a perfect fit. But if you're vegetarian, this can turn into a mini adventure to explore local cuisine. Spanish cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet and offers a wide range of dishes without animal-based ingredients. Here you will find a quick tour of vegetarian dishes in Spain.  

How about some vegetarian tapas? Yes! A good selection of appetisers or tapas in Spain will usually include patatas bravas, Russian salad and garlic mushrooms. Also croquettes, which are available in a variety of different veggie options: wild mushrooms, spinach or Idiazabal cheese, which is typical in the Basque country and Navarre When it comes to starters or mains you could opt for tortilla de patatas, or Padrón peppers -from Galicia- or some papas “arrugás”. A typical Canary Island potato dish that is usually served with “mojo”, a green or red pepper sauce that can be quite spicy. In summer it is very usual to order some gazpacho. A chilled tomato-based soup. There's also Cordoban salmorejo, which is a very similar soup but it's prepared differently and has a creamier texture. Both dishes are typical in Andalusia.

Salmorejo from Cordoba

You will also find that paella, chickpea stew, cocido stew, migas de pastor (literally shepherd's breadcrumbs) and many other classic Spanish dishes are available in vegetarian versions. In Mallorca, you should order "tumbet mallorquín" (potatoes, tomato and aubergine). And in Catalonia try the "escalivada" (tomato, onion, red pepper and aubergine, roasted and seasoned). Has that got your mouth watering? Well there's a lot more. You can find vegetarian dishes throughout Spain, without needing to forego the authentic taste of the country's cuisine.

Escalivada with peppers and aubergine from Catalonia