Making an Ensaimada de Mallorca

The best places in Spain to bring out your sweet side


Spain is a country known for the incredible wealth of its cuisine, which is as varied as its landscapes and its accents. Every region in Spain has its sweet tooth. And with such a variety of sweet things, there are some you’ll definitely want to get your teeth into.

- Horchata (tiger nut milk) can be found all over Spain but originates in the Region of Valencia, and Horchatería Toni in the municipality of Alboraia is one of the most popular places to drink it. In fact, the regulars at this establishment say that it’s where the best horchata de chufa in Valencia is made. Do you fancy finding out? - In Catalonia, an excellent choice to finish off a good lunch is to order a crema catalana. It’s a delicious dessert made of custard, and the main ingredient is egg yolk. In the Granja Viader in Barcelona you can try a fabulous crema catalana recipe. - The island of Mallorca is another perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth. Here, you can find the country’s best ensaimadas. Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo, a bakery with a history of almost three centuries, is where some of the best varieties of ensaimada pastries on the island are made. 

Top left: Horchata de Valencia. Top right: Ensaimada pastry from Mallorca Below: Crema Catalana

- In Cantabria, sobaos pasiegos are an attraction for any tourist visiting the area. In fact, simply walking through the streets of its villages and letting yourself be carried away by the sweet aroma of its patisseries, you’re sure to end up trying some of these tempting cakes. - Among the many mouth-watering pleasures that await you in Galicia, tarta de Santiago is a traditional cake made from almonds, eggs and sugar. The nuns at the San Paio de Antealtares convent in Santiago de Compostela make delicious sweets, including pastas de té (a type of biscuit), as well as an incredible tarta de Santiago. Spain is definitely a country with a sweet tooth. In any of the regions you’ll find very appetising local specialities, and although everyone knows we shouldn’t eat too much sugar... Who can say no to something sweet?

Top: Tarta de Santiago. Below: Sobaos Pasiegos
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