Mediterranean diet

Flavours of Spain to take home


We recommend five Spanish gastronomic products to take home because of their taste, their aroma, and because they are healthy.

  • Olive oil

    Extra virgin olive oil

    Spain is the main producer in the world. A simple and tasty way to try it is to drizzle it over crunchy bread. Also in salad dressings and on grilled vegetables.

  • Iberian cured ham

    Iberian cured ham

    It is an exclusive Spanish food and there are four designations of origin: Guijuelo (from Salamanca and Extremadura), Dehesa de Extremadura (in the region of Extremadura) and Los Pedroche and Jamón de Huelva (both in Andalusia). If you want to take it home, the best option is to vacuum-pack it. How to eat it? Try it like tapas with a beer or glass of wine.

  • A glass of red wine


    The most international is Rioja, although other Spanish wines are gradually gaining more recognition. Although quality wine is produced all over Spain and more and more is being exported.

  • Torta del Casar, Extremadura


    You will find very tasty local products all over Spain. Perhaps the most popular on an international level is Manchego cheese (from Castile-La Mancha). However, the list is enormous and satisfies all tastes.

  • Potatoes with mojo sauce, Canary Islands

    Regional products

    These are the most typical products of each destination and it is best to buy them in local shops. Good examples are ensaimadas from the Balearic Islands, fabes beans from Asturias and mojo sauces from the Canary Islands. The most notable sweet treats are marzipan from Toledo (Castile-La Mancha) and turrones from the Region of Valencia (both products are easy to find all over Spain at Christmas).

  • Pulpo a la gallega

    Savoury snacks

    Conserves from the north (especially anchovies from Cantabria), olives (the ones from Jaén in Andalusia are very popular) and conserves of vegetables, such as asparagus from Navarre, Piquillo pepper from Lodosa and aubergines from Almagro are the savoury products that stand out.

  • Herbal liqueurs from Mallorca


    In some areas, the herbal and orujo liqueurs such, as Pacharán de Navarra, Orujo de Galicia and herbal liqueurs from Ibiza and Mallorca are very well-known.

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