Las Conchas beach, La Graciosa Island Canary Islands

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10How many Blue Flag beaches does Spain have?
Blue flag

Correct! The beaches and ports of Spain have maintained their international leadership since 1987. This means that at many places along the coast you can find beaches that comply with a series of environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria. Bathing at them is a complete pleasure. 

10Do you know where this curious inland beach with seawater is?

Correct! It is one of the most unusual beaches in Asturias as the sea makes its way here under the cliffs, creating an inland beach around 40 metres long. You'll find it in Llanes. It has been declared a Natural Monument and you can only reach it via a tractor track. You’re sure to find it incredible. 

10At which of these Spanish beaches can you visit the archaeological site of Baelo Claudia, built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC?

Correct! Baelo Claudia was a prosperous coastal town during the age of the Roman Empire. You will marvel at the ruins of this ancient city which sits on the shore of the sea. And you can also take a dip at this four-kilometre-long paradise beach famous for its dunes.

10This beach in Galicia is known by the name of “Las Catedrales”. Why do you think this is?
Las Catedrales beach in Ribadeo, Galicia

Correct! Close to Ribadeo (Lugo) you can find this spectacular beach with arches formed by the sea standing up to 30 metres high, which you can walk through at low tide. According to the time of year, you will need to book to visit it. 

10Do you know what the Flysch Route is?

Correct! It is an impressive route along the coast between Zumaia and Deba (Guipuzkoa, Basque Country). The rock strata in the cliffs has become exposed and show the keys to some of the most significant events in the Earth’s recent history, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs. You can travel this route by boat with an expert guide and visit some of the region’s coastal towns. 

10A famous scene starring Halle Berry emerging from the water was filmed on La Caleta beach in the city of Cádiz. Do you know which film it was from?
La Caleta beach in Cádiz, Andalusia

Correct! The Bond girl appears on this iconic Andalusian beach which is framed by two castles. A must-visit on a trip to Cádiz.

10In which area of Spain can you find the famous Green Lake, also known as Los Ciclos lagoon?

Correct! On the Canary Islands you will find black sand beaches (of volcanic origin), golden sand beaches and unique places such as this lake, coloured bright green by its high sulphur content, contrasting with the black sand and brown mountains at this pretty beach. It is several metres deep and the water filters through from the sea. A great place to take photos.  

108) The coves of Macarella and Macarelleta with their white sand and turquoise water are protected by cliffs and pine forests and are a great example of the type of coves you can find in a particular area of Spain. Which area is it?

Correct! These famous coves on the island of Menorca are a fine example of what you can expect to find in the Balearic Islands, with water so clear it looks like the boats are floating on air. 

10Which was the first inland “beach” in Spain to obtain Blue Flag status?
Orellana La Vieja lake in Badajoz, Extremadura
Guadalhorce reservoir in Ardales nature reserve in Málaga, Andalusia
San Juan reservoir in Madrid

Correct! The beach at Orellana La Vieja reservoir is perfect for water sports, such as windsurfing, sailing and canoeing, even though it is hundreds of kilometres from the sea. In fact, there are many natural pools in this area of Spain.

10There is a town in Catalonia with white houses, pretty beaches and viewpoints. It is also the place where Salvador Dalí bought a house in a nearby fishing village, which today is a museum open to the public. Which place are we referring to?

Correct! In Portlligat (close to Cadaqués) you can find the Salvador Dalí House-Museum, full of the artist's personal objects. Cadaqués is on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, which is home to many charming coastal towns and villages. 

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